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5 Travel D­estinations in NCR that should be in your Bucket List

Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) is the region centered around Delhi, the youth capital of India. With the holidays approaching soon, we find the city bustling with vigor and festivities. We hereby provide you with a list of the top 5 places which are absolutely stunning for the explorer in you and they are absolutely worth your money. To reach these places you need to take buses and have a whole new experience. Also by using Akbar Travels Coupons and Promo Code, you can save a whole lot of money. And some of the people love to drive on their own. But they don’t have their cars right at that time. Don’t worry! You can take a car on rent from Zoomcar. And the use of Zoomcar coupons & offers makes it really affordable and convenient for you. So go for it unhesitatingly.

Kingdom of Dreams
Kingdom of Dreams is a performing arts theatre. For all the people for whom Bollywood and its masala is the ideal entertainment factor. This place is your ideal destination this winter. One of the first five live entertainment centers in India which have successfully revived the old tradition of Nautanki. Combined with the Bollywood vibe and the art of Nautanki, it is surely a plethora of entertainment like no other. The colors, music, costumes are sure to please your senses. The flavor of folk plays is brought to you alive by Zangoora and Jhumroo. Zangoora is basically the fantastic “pariyo ki kahani” that your grandmother put you to sleep with. It is the presentation that leaves you pleased. Bollywood is surely at its best. You can book your travel tickets online through Akbar travel coupon code & offers available at TalkCharge for more discounts. One more safe way –you can opt for if you are planning to drive a car on your own. Right, the web portal allows you to take a car on affordable rent with the use of Zoomcar coupons & offers.

Hauz Khas
Hauz Khaz village along with the cafes, the ruins, and the various thrifty stores has been attracting the youngsters since ages. It certainly has a charm of its own. Hauz Khas with its old-school atmosphere is a perfect place to satisfy the foodie within you. The place has its own share of the local street food delicacies and fine dine restaurants. Thus it ensures it is pocket-friendly and satisfying. Along with the clubs and the music beats constantly buzzing, this place is a sure hit.

It is a village 50 km from Delhi and is popular among the locals for the food. Since it is the “paratha season”, you can find an unlimited range of parathas here. The entire highway up to 5 kilometers is lined with dhabas offering you variety of Punjabi cuisines. For those looking to spend some quiet leisure time, they can visit the two lakeside views which are quite popular, namely Dehvatali Lake and Dabur Lake. You can book your travel tickets from Akbar travels coupon code & promo code available at TalkCharge and get additional cashback benefits. And if you don’t love to travel in a company of a driver, go to and take a car on rent with Zoomcar Coupons & Offers. And now you can enjoy a smooth drive and complete privacy.

World of Wonder
Amusement parks are here to stay for this festive season. If you are looking for an energy driven break along with your family, this place should be your priority. With over 15 rides and various water activities including a go-kart, this place is perfect for kids and adventurous youngsters. The park is well taken care of and is particularly known for its clean pools, hereby there is absolutely no stress of water-related infections.

For those who did not have the opportunity to go to the mountains and experience the delights of snow, can go to iSKATE and enjoy. This place with its technology is perfect. With the freezing temperatures and knee-deep snow, it gives you the experience of the perfect snowfall adventure that you have been craving for. Here, they have a plethora of snow activities inviting people from all age groups. It is completely worth your money. The staff is cooperative and provides you with all the support you need.

Conclusion: This list, though is certainly not enough but it is a headstart which will help you to plan the perfect holiday for this season. The list comprises of the best places to satisfy yourself, your friends, and your family. With the bohemian vibe of Huaz Khas and the various parathas of Murthal, you can give a tummylicious ending to this year. Don't forget to use Akbar Travel Coupon Code & Offers for a better and safe car or bus journey. And if a complete privacy you are looking for, you must go to where you can choose a car on rent with the use of Zoomcar coupons & offers.

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